Jack of All Trades


When Dwayne Martin came to the $$Madison campus, he was looking for a better job and knew he needed training and an education in order to land a more rewarding career. Shortly after graduating with his degree, Dwayne has accomplished his goal.

Dwayne came to National College after being laid off from a shipping and receiving warehouse position. With the help of the career center, he narrowed down his program choice to pharmacy tech. “I have a wife and children that I need to be able to support, so starting school and getting an education and getting a job fast was essential for me,” said Dwayne.

“I love that I know and excel at something I never imagined I ever would”

Dwayne’s education paid off. Though at first he knew little about the pharmacy field, he states with confidence: “National prepared me completely for an entirely new career.”

After graduation, Dwayne was hired as a pharmacy technician at Fresenius Medical Care. His boss has praised him as a “jack of all trades”: responsible for checking in medications and filling and shipping prescriptions. “I love that I know and excel at something I never imagined I ever would,” Dwayne says with enthusiasm.

“I graduated and became certified before I even finished classes,” said Dwayne. “I enjoy going to work and am thankful for it.” Dwayne credits a lot of his career success to the hands-on training he received at National in class and in his externship. “The instructors made me excited about becoming a pharmacy technician and I use a lot of what I learned in my new career on a daily basis including tasks of drug identification, reading prescriptions, and basic pharmacy operations.”

“I finished school with a 4.0 GPA and am proud of myself because I believe that is a major accomplishment,” said Dwayne. “Most of all, my wife and children are proud of what I have accomplished in school and in my new career and that means more than any GPA could reflect.” Dwayne loves his new career so much that he said he is seriously considering continuing his education in the field of pharmacy. “I can easily picture myself as a pharmacist, or even helping students like I once was become excited about their pharmacy technician career” said Dwayne.

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