IT Graduate Progresses in His Education and His Career


David "Adam" Boulden feels that there’s a lot to love about his career working in IT as a field service analyst for UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital. “There are a lot of things that I like about it,” Adam said. “It’s challenging; there’s a lot of work, so it keeps me busy; it pays well; and the benefits are ridiculous.”—

Although Adam feels he’s landed a great job, he’s not resting on his laurels. After earning his degree in the information systems engineering (ISE) program at the ANU $$Lexington Campus, he immediately re-enrolled in the network administration bachelor’s degree program, and will complete it next month.—


“In my current position,…an entry level is Level 0, and then I got promoted to a Level 1. To move past a Level 1, you have to have a bachelor’s [degree],” he explained.  “I actually spoke with [my admissions representative] Sharon to get the ball rolling on my master’s [degree], as soon as I’m done with my bachelor’s next month.”

[img]The network administration bachelor’s degree and the MBA-IT programs are part of Adam’s progressive learning path at ANU, a path which allows graduates to continue their education and transfer credits into a higher degree as seamlessly as possible. “It makes [continuing my education] a lot more hassle free,” he said of the career training track, which also allowed him to earn a number of valuable IT certifications.

Looking back at the changes that his degree has brought to his life, including his transformation from short-order cook to IT professional, Adam is committed to continuing his education throughout his career. “I went from cooking, making eight dollars an hour, to [earning] right around $50,000 dollars a year. That’s a $30,000 difference,” he shared. “The more education you have, the higher your marketability, the bigger the dollar sign."

You can read more about Adam's educational journey at ANU here.

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