Working with agents

Important Instructions for Students about Selecting and Working with International Agents

As a University that enrolls students from countries worldwide, we are aware that many of our International applicants acquire assistance from agents.  This can be useful as they can help you with the application and Visa process.  However, we are also aware that not all agents have their students’ best interest at heart.  Because of this we would like to inform any of our International applicants of possible warning signs to look out for when considering working with potential agents.  At American National University we will not ask or do the following:

  • American National University will NOT ask you to pay tuition until you have obtained your Visa.  Tuition is due before you sit in class but we will NEVER ask your agent to collect the tuition for you.
  • If you need to apply for a change of status to an F-1 status, we will issue your I-20 once we receive all necessary information.  However, then it is up to the student to go to the USCIS.GOV website to start the process.  We recommend you speak with an immigration attorney.
  • All prospective students need to ensure that they have spoken to an Admissions Representative to ensure the validity of their application.  Your Admissions Representative is there to help so please utilize their services.
  • If you ever have any questions about what is required to apply call American National University.  We are here to help and to assist with whatever questions or concerns you may have.

Speak with an Admissions Representative

Take the next step toward your degree! American National University cares about your success and our Admissions Representatives are ready to help. Please submit the form below so we may provide options in attaining your degree.

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