Information Systems Engineering Graduate Now on the Fast Track


Recent Knoxville Campus Information Systems Engineering graduate Jonus Moorehas discovered that not only does he enjoy his new career in the computer industry, it’s clearly a field that is wide open in terms of opportunity.

Part of a local start-up company called “IT in Home,” Jonus provides on-site service in support to both home and business users in the Knoxville area. One thing he knows is that each day can bring a different challenge, something he thrives on. “I like it,” he says with a broad smile. “It’s really fun learning new stuff.” Whether it is warranty repairs under contract with major computer manufacturers, helping a home user recover from a virus attack, or performing backup and data recovery services for business users, Jonus relies on his National training to troubleshoot and solve all sorts of information technology problems.

“ the teachers help you learn everything that you can.”

Knowing he needed to go back to school to find a job in today’s economy, Jonus visited several schools before settling on National College. He was sold on the hands-on training and continuous enrollment opportunities National offered, allowing him to start his education according to his own timetable. The close interaction with instructors also was of great value to him, helping him develop a close relationship with faculty.

“We kind of grew on each other,” Jonus says of Director of Information Technology Programs Barry Gregg. “It’s just a really good atmosphere here the teachers help you learn everything that you can.”

Jonus is already planning for the future, having returned to the campus to enroll in the Supervisory Management Specialist program. With the growth in networking applications in such diverse areas as surveillance and security and restaurant operations, Jonus knows the opportunities available to him with his National degree are only going to continue to grow. Jonus doesn’t hesitate to recommend his alma mater to anyone.

“It’s a great place to go to school.”

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