Krishna Panchal

I’m an improved person – Studying in Our Master of Science and Information Technology Program

Krishna Panchal is a graduate of both our Master of Business Administration program with a specialization in information technology and our Master of Science in Information Technology program. She first came to American National University from India after her younger sister studied with us. As a current MSIT student, Krishna feels that she is gaining knowledge that goes beyond the textbook, allowing her to learn more about the job she hopes to have one day. “Technical-wise, the knowledge that I’m gaining [from the MSIT program] is what I actually want to learn… it’s going to help me [while on the job].”

When asked about advice she would give to future international students, she stressed the importance of having a short- and long-term goal. Krishna also emphasized how polishing her soft skills, especially communication skills, will help in achieving the goals she set for herself. “I’m an improved person after 2 years at this college”

Krishna hopes to be in a managerial position overseeing a team at a cloud-based software company.

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