How you can build a professional LinkedIn profile



LinkedIn vs. Facebook

  • LinkedIn and Facebook are not the same thing! 
  • LinkedIn is a professional site that can help you with your career. 
  • Facebook is for socializing. 
  • Do not mix the two sites. Do you really want future employers looking at your Facebook photos or wall posts? 

LinkedIn Statistics

  • 100+ million users
  • Over 150 industries are represented
  • 2+ million college students
  • 37,000+ college and university alumni groups – including National College!

Why You Need a LinkedIn Account

  • It’s your professional online presence
  • Opportunity to connect with other students, alumni and local employers
  • Research companies/career paths
  • Explore opportunities with local employers that may not recruit on campus
  • Learn professional networking etiquette

What’s on your LinkedIn profile? Headline

  • Appears directly below your name
  • Affects how people will find and classify you
  • Think of this as a slogan for yourself – How do you want people to think of you professionally? 

Profile Photo

  • Allows people you have networked with to quickly identify you
  • A professional looking headshot is very important
  • You should be the only person in your profile photo
  • Remember, this isn’t Facebook – pictures of you partying are not appropriate


  • Include information about all schools you have attended
  • Include your program of study and degree or certificate 
  • Include any honors or awards you’ve received at school


  • This should resemble the first few sentences of your cover letter
  • Allow for others to quickly learn about you
  • Present your summary in short blocks of text for easy reading


  • Include keywords and phrases that a recruiter or hiring manager might type to find a person like you
  • The best way to find relevant keywords is by checking out  job listings that appeal to you and pulling words from there

LinkedIn Profile Sections

  • Showcase your college accomplishments

    • Projects
    • Awards & Honors
    • Organizations
    • Courses

Adding Sections Adding Sections (cont.) Adding Sections (cont.) Your Completed Profile

  • Users with 100% complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn
  • You can’t build connections if people don’t know you exist or see what you have to offer 
  • Think of your LinkedIn profile as your online business card, your resume, and letters of recommendation all in one

LinkedIn Basic Checklist

  • Headline
  • Profile Photo
  • Education
  • Summary
  • Specialties
  • Profile Sections
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