How to Stay Focused During the Holidays

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How to Stay Focused During the Holidays

The end of any year is met with many deadlines: the fiscal year ends, your work projects may need to be finalized, and your term may be ending with finals and assignments due. Not only that, but the holidays come one after the other – from Thanksgiving, to Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, to New Years! With so much going on at one time, it can be easy to lose focus in school and your assignments. It’s hard to see outside of holiday obligations, work becoming a flurry of assignments, and school moves to the back burner. At American National University, we want to see our students succeed in every circumstance, and we have some tips to help you focus on your schoolwork even despite the distractions.

  • Show Up to Your Zoom Classes and Be Present

Attending classes is always important no matter the time of the year, but during the holiday season it is all the more tempting to skip. And it’s important to always be present in your Zoom sessions so that you retain the information. Even though it feels harder to attend class during the busy holiday season, your instructors are also human beings who have family and friends to see during this time. The important thing to know is that your professors at ANU will treat you like people, and never like a statistic or number.

  • Time Management

Time doesn’t really need to be managed, but humans do. And managing yourself during the season will allow you to not only do what you need when it comes to work, holiday traditions, and your schoolwork. When you become aware of your use of time and learn to control it with deliberate dedication, you will find yourself achieving all that you want. Click here to read our article on tips to better manage your time!

  • Stay Well Rested

It’s hard to do anything when you lack sleep, much less when the holidays add stress on top of your already tight schedule. And resting well will ensure that not only will you be able to retain more information, but it will allow you to be present in your zoom sessions and stay on top of your schedule. Good sleep is vital to your success! Click here to read our article on how important sleep is and important tips that can allow you to get quality and quantitative sleep.

  • Ask For Help

It is easy to get lost in the struggle of all of the expectations on your plate during this time of year – but no person is an island. ANU has many outlets for you to turn to on your journey to your education. You can reach out to student services, career services, visit the writing center, and reach out to your instructors if you feel you’re falling behind. The holidays can bring you stress, but that doesn’t mean you have to face the stressors alone. Reach out to those around you – especially to your peers, as they are going through the same things you are through this time.

The holiday season brings a lot of joy, but it also can bring a lot of responsibility. And with so much going on, it can be easy to let your academics fall behind in lieu of festive activities and work. Luckily, at American National University, we make it easy for you to be live, in class, from anywhere so that you can stay on top of your studies without having to sacrifice your time. And even though our classes and services are all online, you can still access means of support from anywhere. To learn more about what we offer you in an online environment, without losing the quality of an in-person classroom, go to

American National University – Be live, in class, from anywhere.

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