How to Start Your Digital Media Career in Business


How to Get Started in a Digital Media Career in Business

Digital media touches virtually every business and industry today. If you use a computer, listen to music on your iPhone, read an e-mail on your tablet, or “like,” “tweet,” and “share” on social media, you’re engaging with digital media. It’s everywhere! And so are business careers in digital media.

Choose a career in digital media and you might work in the kinds of industries you’d expect such as advertising, film, gaming, music production and publishing. However, digital media is also used in private companies, nonprofit organizations, schools and universities. If a business has a website, someone in digital media probably helped create it. If it has a Facebook page or Twitter account, it needs people who know digital media to help run them.

But how could you get started in a digital media career in business? You’ll need a passion for the field, solid skills and training, hands-on experience, and a portfolio of all you’ve done.

What Digital Media Skills Do You Need in Business?

Are you comfortable with technology? If you work in digital media, you’ll spend a great deal of time on technology, from computers, programs and applications to audio visual tools and equipment. You’ll also need to be a creative problem solver.

Training for Digital Media Careers in Business

If you want to work in digital media, study media production and get hands-on experience in studio labs. Among the topics you’ll need to understand are social media, web design, and web development.

"Hands-on experience will set you apart from the competition… Actual experience proves you have the skills and knowledge to meet real world challenges."

Hands-On Experience with Digital Media

Hands-on experience will set you apart from the competition. In addition to getting lots of practice in your classroom and labs, you’ll want to find an externship or volunteer position to learn all about digital media in business and get some practice in the field.  Actual experience proves you have the skills and knowledge to meet real world challenges.

Build Your Digital Media Portfolio to Show Businesses

Another important way to get started in a digital media career is to have solid evidence of your work. Begin to build your portfolio while you’re still in school. Create your own webpage and add items as your expertise grows. Have you just completed a great project for a class? Add it to your site. Use your portfolio to show off the full depth of your knowledge and the diversity of your skills.

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