Let's Talk About... How to Network in Online Classes

How to Network in Online Classes

Let’s Talk About…

How to Network in Online Classes

American National University brings the university to our students as they study from the comfort of their own home with our High Tech, High Touch innovations. While our students do not meet in person, they do get to meet over Zoom sessions to have discussions and learn from their career-professional professors. Students do not lose on creating their own networks – if anything, students will make connections with like-minded professionals across the globe to enhance their professional networks. There are plenty of other skills and tools that our students can utilize to build their connections so that they have a developed and productive network.

Create a Strong Social Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most invaluable social media platforms for people looking to increase their professional network. One of the best ways for students to market themselves and surround themselves with others in their field is through LinkedIn. If a student adds ANU as a part of their schools, they can connect with other students and alum.  This can help our students grow their networks and expanding their opportunities in their chosen career fields. If you are or are looking to become an ANU student, utilize LinkedIn to increase your network and job opportunities by connecting with us!

To stand out on LinkedIn, here are a few tips:
  1. Choose a Good Profile Picture: Make sure your photo is recent and looks like you. Along with that, make sure your face takes up at least 60% of the space. Make sure that your picture only includes you. And choose the right expression – a smiling face opens your profile up more than an angry expression.
  2. Share Your Story: Sure, LinkedIn is for career professionals, but that doesn’t mean you have to be all about your skills or work experience. The beauty of social media is that it is a platform for humans to be, well, human! Let your summary reflect that you aren’t just a worker, but a human doing the job. Bring your skills and workplace experiences to life with how they mattered to you and your colleagues.
  3. Your Headline Doesn’t Have to Just Be Your Job Title: The world will see “marketing analyst” or “medical biller” or “pharmacy technician” as your headline. However, it doesn’t just have to be that! You can talk about how you view yourself in your role or the passion that you have for your field.

Participate in Classroom Discussions

Students at ANU don’t meet as often as students attending classes on a campus. That does not mean there isn’t ample opportunity to meet other like-minded professionals. When students meet biweekly with their classes, they get to speak with their professors and fellow classmates. In this discussion time, our students can really understand and develop a friendship that can grow their networks. This is the start of our students network with like-minded professionals. Many of our students and alum have something in common – the closeness they feel with their professors and classmates. Many times, our students in the same field share many of their classes together and form deep bonds and connections with one another. Take it from a few of our students/alums:

“You become like a family with your teachers and other classmates, it’s very comforting… Everybody supported each other no matter what anybody said. It was a great overall experience. That’s another thing I like about ANU: everyone just feels comfortable.” – Jennifer Kojro

  • “They were like family to me, so at the end of our MBA program, it brought tears to my eyes…it was like home to me because of the people at ANU.” – Rupali Patel
  • “We’ve created this small family here at ANU in the paralegal program, which as it’s growing, it’s becoming more enriched.” – Lora Bernard

Speak with Career Services

Our Career Services team is here to support our students in finding a job in the field that they studied. They are there to support them every step of the way – and they will have the connections students need to create a strong network. They help students develop their resume and job applications to help them secure the job they desire. Career Services offers many different ways to assist our students, like mock interviews, interview preparation, and career advice, among many. They will have the advice they are seeking in creating a well-developed network to advance their career.

Connect with Your Professors

The best way to help you develop your network is by starting from the top. Our professors are career professionals who have experience in the field you are studying. If anyone has network connections, it would be those that you learn from. Not only could they become part of your network, but they can give you helpful tips to help build yours. Your professors also can help you move up in your career.

Our students agree: our professors are there to help you and see you succeed. When you need them, they will respond! Click here to read many of our student testimonials that explain just how influential our professors are to student success.

With our innovative online education systems, students at American National University will never miss out on important networking connections. Utilizing discussions, the services we offer, and professors, our students can create a global network. To learn more about our High Tech, High Touch programs, go to an.edu/elearning.

American National University – Be live, in class, from anywhere.

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