> How to Build Toward Your Next Degree in 3 Easy Steps

Each degree that you obtain can help give you the knowledge and credentials you need to move forward in your career and advance your goals. Attaining a degree doesn’t just open up new career opportunities, it grows you personally and helps you focus the impact you can have on others with your life’s work. That’s why American National University is dedicated to helping you earn your next degree, one step at a time.

1. Figure Out What You Need to Land Your Dream Career

Whether you have a high school diploma or are looking at getting a graduate degree, the first step is to perform a self-assessment. Where are you now and what do you hope to accomplish in the future? Consider the career you want to pursue and then look at job postings from the field. Compare your resume against what employers are looking for, paying close attention to missing experience or education gaps.

For example: if you’d like to work as a medical assistant, do you have the knowledge and experience employers are looking for? At ANU, our medical assisting associate’s degree program provides you with classroom instruction and hands-on lab work, in addition to a clinical externship so you can get valuable real world experience.

 “If the thought of getting to that next level has you a bit overwhelmed, just take the next step.”

2. Further Your Education with the Right Program

Once you know where you are, it’s easier to step forward and upward. You might choose to begin your education with a diploma/certificate program that you can finish in less than a year. Often these programs give you the basic skills you need to start working in an entry level position in the field. A natural next step would be to pursue an associate’s degree, which shows dedication and commitment to your job.

If you want to advance to a leadership role, your academic advisor can recommend a bachelor’s degree program in your field. Bachelor’s degrees give you the tools and background to compete in an ever-changing global economy. They can also lay the foundation for your pursuit of a graduate degree, such as an MBA with a specialty in your line of work or a Master of Science in Nursing. These advanced degrees give you targeted and specific skills for upper level leadership/management positions in your field.

3. Follow Through and Finish Your Education

At ANU, we make it easy for you to set targeted goals for your future and follow through. With day and evening classes and online options, you can pursue your education in a way that fits your busy life. Our instructors are career professionals, with both textbook knowledge and invaluable field experience, who prepare you for the real-world expectations of your job. We have small classes so you can get to know your instructors and fellow students and network in your field. Throughout your time as a student and even after you graduate, our Career Services Specialists are there to help you find a job and advance your career. We even offer refresher courses at no additional charge to all of our graduates.1

If you choose to start or continue your education at ANU, we make your progression to each next degree as seamless as possible through our Educational Pathways. If the thought of getting to that next level has you a bit overwhelmed, just take the next step. Contact us at ANU today and we’ll help you figure out how you can accomplish your educational and career goals and keep moving forward, even in the midst of your busy life.

¹Not all courses available at all campuses. Check with your individual location for details.

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