How Do You Touch an Online Class?

At American National University, we offer a High Tech, High Touch approach to your online education. Most of our students report to class from the comfort of their own home through Zoom video conferencing. However, just because our students meet online does not mean they do not get a hands-on education. In several ways, our students can touch their online classes. But you may be asking yourself: how do you touch an online class?

High Tech Lab Kits

For many of our health science programs, students receive lab kits to learn from in their online class. This helps facilitate learning with hands-on interaction and to give students the foundation of skills that they will utilize in their careers.

Students in our medical assisting programs receive lab kits that can include:

  • Formalin-free dissection specimens
  • Nine piece dissection kit
  • Dissection pad
  • A phlebotomy simulation arm
  • Large human skeleton model
  • Blood pressure cuff with a stethoscope
  • ECG machine
  • V-Scope (virtual microscope) software
  • And more!

Students in our pharmacy technician programs receive lab kits that can include:

  • A counting tray with a well and spatula
  • Mortar and pestle
  • A digital scale
  • Syringes
  • Placebo medication
  • A sieve
  • Beaker and funnel
  • A sharps container
  • And More!

With instruction from their professors, students will utilize their lab kits to enhance their learning. In this way, students are able to touch their online classes rather than learning only through live lectures and textbooks on Zoom. Additionally, all lab kits are included in the cost of tuition so there are no extra fees for students to gain real experience in their education.

Virtual Reality Software for Nursing Students

American National University has partnered with UbiSim Virtual Reality to give our nursing students real-world experience from the comfort of their own home. Students are sent Oculus Quest headsets to perform these virtual simulations. ANU’s career-experienced professors and instructors can create scenarios for students to test their skills and knowledge in nursing. This can range from taking vitals, bedside manner, speaking with patients and their families, administering medication, and more. And the simulation does not run on simple point and click mechanisms many computer programs utilize, but real hand gestures to facilitate learning. Students will be monitored by their professors and instructors during these simulations. So while students attend an online class, they still receive career training without having to report to a campus.

Every interaction that students perform in these VR scenarios provides them with the experience they need to make their nursing career a reality. And this is also included in the cost of their tuition, so no extra fees for this high tech instruction mode.

Online Classes You Can Touch

Most of ANU’s students do not report to a campus for their instruction. However, they do not miss out on the hands-on learning that all students need to enrich their learning. Our students do not simply read textbooks and attend live lectures to earn their education. They are learning skills that they will utilize every day of their career through lab kits and virtual simulations. ANU students get a well-rounded education from their online class. To learn more about our VR technology in classes, click here. To learn more about our eLearning experience, go to

American National University – Be live, in class, from anywhere.

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