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Hard Work Pays Off: Results of an Education from American National University

We believe that students from American National University are better equipped for their desired positions due to our hands-on training and flexible online scheduling, allowing students to earn their degrees on their own time. The proof is in the reviews we receive from employers of our past students.

Here at American National University, we prepare our students for life after graduation by giving them the skills needed to thrive in their desired field. Quinny Thomas is one of our graduates from our Medical Assistant Certificate program. Medical Assisting has a projected employment growth rate of 25%, giving occupations in this field a sense of assurance and stability. However, anyone wanting a career in Medical Assisting should want to stand out among other competitors to employers. Quinny’s experiences at ANU have helped her do just that.

In her short time working for Allergy and Asthma Associates of Pittsburgh, Quinny’s employer, Thomas Mertz, had nothing but praises to say about her work.  When asked to describe what it is like to have an American National University graduate as an employee, Thomas said, “Her previous training at [American National University] has trained her well to perform all the duties expected of a medical assistant.” He continued, “Right away, it was obvious that she was comfortable and well prepared for the medical assistant position.  She is dependable and punctual.  She takes great pride in her work.  She truly cares for patients and it shows.”

Our Certificate of Medical Assisting program uses hands-on training experiences, such as labs and our comprehensive externships, to better prepare students for their future jobs. For our externships, we work with local medical facilities to give our students an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Our online courses give us the ability to offer a more flexible learning experience for students without taking away any valuable lessons learned in the physical classroom setting. In Quinny’s case, her day-to-day duties include collecting vital signs, documenting electronic medical records, assisting physicians preparing patients, administering vaccines and allergy shots, cleaning and stocking exam rooms and performing specialized testing such as pulmonary function testing and allergy skin testing. Her prior training through an externship with American National University made it possible for her to enter her new job with confidence.

Our Medical Assisting certificate is only the beginning of our medical program education. We also help students achieve associate degrees in Medical Assisting as well as bachelor’s degrees in Medical Services Management. For more information on our medical programs, visit our website and explore our degree programs.

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