Graduate’s Training Helped Her Develop a New Passion for the Medical Field


“It’s more than just working, it’s more than taking care of people – it’s a passion,” said $$Princeton Campus graduate Rebekah Durr, describing how she feels about her new career as a registered and certified medical assistant for Bluefield Family Medicine.  Her education and her new passion for health care helped her pass both the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exams.

Rebekah graduated from the medical assisting program in the spring of 2013.  Since she transferred credits from another local college, she was able to finish the degree program in about a year.

[img]“I was so happy when I came here,” Rebekah said of ANU while comparing her experience to the other college.  She liked that her ANU instructors were always available to help her understand the course materials.  “If you need to practice injections, you can go in the campus’s lab and do it; or if you need to practice blood draws, you can go in there and do it.”

As an extern for Bluefield Family Medicine, Rebekah provided so much valuable support to the clinical and office staff that they created a position for her.  She said she walked into her externship knowing exactly what to do.  “There was never a moment that I stopped and said, ‘What do I do?’…because my instructors prepared me and sent me on my way,” said Rebekah.

Because of her training, Rebekah can support many areas of the medical office. “I’m the floater and the ‘do you need anything’ girl,” explained Rebekah of her position, which includes filling in for the nurses if they are out of the office; checking patients in and escorting them to the exam room; doing blood pressure checks; and obtaining insurance referrals and prior authorizations.

“I do everything that nobody else has time to do,” explained Rebekah. “I love my job!”

As for her future, Rebekah plans to continue her education and earn as many credentials in the medical field as possible.

(A)- Rebekah Durr is pictured with her son at the 2013 Princeton Graduation ceremony.

(B)-Rebekah Durr said that as a medical assistant for Bluefield Family Medicine, she loves her new job.

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