Graduate’s Degree is a Stepping Stone into Family’s Legacy


As the fourth generation in his family to operate Hawkins-Taylor Funeral Home, Johnathon Taylor is poised to take his family’s business, and his own career, to the next level using the knowledge he gained while earning his business administration-management degree at the $$Lexington Campus. 
“It’s a funeral home, but it’s a business too, so I wanted to learn a little more about business,” Johnathon explained of his decision to enroll at American National University. Hawkins-Taylor Funeral Home has provided outstanding care to families in the Bluegrass area since 1921, and Johnathon feels that his classes in small business management, accounting, and computer technology gave him the skills that he needs to keep the business growing and operating efficiently.
[img]Johnathon’s father, Reverend John C. Hawkins Taylor, who serves as the funeral director at Hawkins-Taylor, said that he’s extremely proud of his son as he prepares to continue the legacy that his family built. “Johnathon is now in charge of the office work,” said Reverend Taylor. “Hopefully he can help get me to the 21st century. He knows about [technology], and I’m still a paper pusher, so that’s the reason that I wanted him to go [to National].”
Johnathon is currently completing an apprenticeship under his father in which he is involved in every aspect of the business in order to learn the funeral preparation and planning process.  The apprenticeship is the first step in his training to become a licensed funeral director, and after completing it, he will be continuing his education at Mid-America College of Funeral Service.  
He feels that the study habits and discipline that he developed as a student at American National University will help him excel in his program at Mid-America. “It’s a stepping stone for me,” Johnathon said of his program at National. “When I go to mortuary school now, I’ll be much more ready than what I was [before coming to National].”
A- Johnathon Taylor earned a degree in business administration-management at the $$Lexington Campus to gain the skills that he needs to grow his family's business and keep it operating efficiently. 
B- $$Lexington Campus graduate Johnathon Taylor (right) is working in an apprenticeship under the direction of his father, Reverend John C. Hawkins Taylor (left).
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