Graduates Begin Careers At a Top Regional Hospital


Floyd Memorial Hospital, which was recently recognized as one of the top five “Best Regional Hospitals” for the Metro Louisville area by U.S. News and World Report, has recently hired three surgical technology graduates from the $$Louisville Campus. National graduates Robert Coole, Kelly Stewart, and Miranda Mallicoat have found new careers at Floyd Memorial which performs over 900 surgeries a month. Both Robert and Kelly worked at the hospital as externs and they were both hired during their externship, before graduation. Shortly thereafter, when Miranda applied for an open position at Floyd Memorial Hospital her fellow classmate, Robert, put in a recommendation on her behalf that helped her secure her job.

Kathy Robinson, clinical manager of surgical services and sterile processing for Floyd Memorial, said that she has found that externs from American National University consistently possess the demeanor and skills that they look for in an employee: “They don’t sit back,” she said, “They jump in and try to learn.” She also explained that the students she has worked with from National have been respectful and they fit in well in the operating room for all types of surgeries.

Jeffrey Lawrence, operating room director, agreed with Kathy’s impression of National students and shared how important it is to find an employee who will stay calm and who can work under the pressures of an operating room: “When it comes down to it where they really need it during a trauma…[American National University graduates are] calm, they’re collected, they handle it well,” he says, “having that coming out of college is what we’re looking for.”

Robert, who worked in retail management for many years before enrolling in the surgical technology program at National, said that it was an honor to be offered the job at Floyd Memorial during his externship. “It makes you feel proud that someone recognizes you for what you’re doing…for what you’re capable of,” he said.

Kelly, who works in the Floyd Memorial Birthing Center, said that she was determined to show confidence and go above and beyond what was required to help her land the job. “I made it very clear that this is where I wanted to be,” she recalled, “I’d say ‘How can I make sure that I stand out so they’ll remember me.’”

Robert, Kelly, and Miranda are now enjoying their new careers as surgical technologists. “It’s different every day,” said Miranda. “There’s never a dull moment.” They encourage others not to hesitate in getting the career training that they need to land their dream job. “It’s given me a whole new career,” Robert said. “I totally started over. I worked two jobs and went to school full-time the whole time so if you want it, you can do it,” said Robert. “It doesn’t matter what age—just go do it,” added Kelly.

Graduates Robert Coole and Kelly Stewart are pictured above in the operating room at Floyd Memorial Hospital.

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