Graduate Working as Integral Member of Pharmacy Team

Graduate Eydie Barnett is using the skills that she gained at the ANU Youngstown Campus working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens Pharmacy.

Eydie first came to ANU after losing her husband. She had been out of the workforce for several years when a friend, who was a National graduate, suggested that she check out ANU.  “I just knew I had to get my life together,” Eydie said of her decision to return to school.

In the pharmacy technician program, Eydie developed a foundation of knowledge about drugs and their applications.  She also got hands-on experience learning the proper techniques for mixing and dispensing medications in the pharmacy lab and during her externship.

At ANU and in her new career, Eydie has enjoyed the relationships that she’s built with her instructors, classmates, and her co-workers.  “Dr. Chakos was a lot of fun. I learned a lot from him,” she said of her favorite instructor, pharmacy department chair Kevin Chakos.

Eydie looks forward to working as a pharmacy technician for many years to come.  She plans to eventually move back to her hometown of Bronx, New York.  She feels that the skills that she gained in her program at ANU will be in demand there, as well.

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