Graduate “Pays It Forward,” Guiding National College Externs


After graduating from the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus in 2011, Jennifer Layton has advanced in her career to become the office manager of Lexington Urgent Care. In her work, Jennifer keeps the office running smoothly and also works on the clinical side of the busy practice. “I really enjoy it,” Jennifer said. “It’s like a mini-ER; you don’t see the same thing every day.”
Jennifer was working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) when she decided to return to school to continue her education in the medical field. She enrolled in the medical assisting program at American National University, where she practiced phlebotomy, taking vitals, and other medical skills in a small, hands-on classroom setting. An externship and passing the certification test to become a registered medical assistant (RMA) were also vital components of her education that helped prepare her for career.
As she neared graduation, Jennifer worked closely with the American National University career center to help her find employment in her field. “They actually sat up an interview for me [at Women’s Care for the Commonwealth]; I was hired before I finished my externship,” she recalled.
Jennifer worked as a registered medical assistant in the OB/GYN office for several years before being hired by Dr. Nowar Soda when he opened Lexington Urgent Care. She was promoted to office manager earlier this year.
[img]Lexington Urgent Care, which was recently named a Distinguished Community Employer by the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus, employs several other American National University graduates who Jennifer now supervises. The practice also regularly provides externships to American National University students, and Jennifer provides guidance to them as they prepare to enter the workforce. “They come in willing to get right to work,” Jennifer said of the American National University externs. “Their knowledge is great and they’re all doing really well.”
Jennifer is proud to give back to students after advancing in her own career, and she encourages others not to waiver from their goals. “It’s a great feeling,” she said of her career success. “Set your mind to it and just keep going.” 
A- Jennifer Layton graduated from the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus in 2011 and has advanced in her career to become the office manager of Lexington Urgent Care.
B- As office manager, Jennifer supervises the medical assisting staff and externs and works in both the administrative and clinical sides of the practice.
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