Graduate Overcomes Factory Layoff to Attain Degree, Credentials, and Career


Linda Dominguez had a lot to celebrate during the $$Richmond Campus commencement ceremony held in May. In addition to earning her medical assisting associate’s degree from American National University and being the recipient of the campus’s Leadership Award, she has  also  earned her credentials as a registered medical assistant (RMA) and certified medical assistant (CMA), and she’s using her degree working as a clinical services technician at the UK Women’s Health and Rheumatology clinic.

While Linda’s hard work and dedication to her program is resulting in career success today, her path wasn’t so clear when she was laid off from the factory where she worked for nine years. “I thought, ‘My kids are grown, maybe it’s time for me to go back to school,’” she recalled.—


Linda first visited a local community college, but she didn’t get the help that she needed with the enrollment process. “I wasn’t impressed,” she said. 

[img]Linda decided to visit ANU, where she enrolled after receiving the personal attention that she was looking for. “They worked with me and helped me, so that’s why I went there,” she explained of her decision to enroll at ANU, adding that she also liked the small class size. “You get that one-on-one with your teacher; you get that extra help, so it was really good for me,” she explained.

After completing her program, Linda is now enjoying the fast pace of the clinic where she’s working, and she’s learning more each day about the specialized area of rheumatology. “It’s given me an opportunity to get back into the workplace and to feel productive,” she said of her degree from ANU. “I feel really, really proud of myself.”

A-  After graduating from ANU, Linda Dominguez is working at the UK Women's Health and Rheumatology clinic as a clinical services technician.

B- Linda (left) accepts the Leadership Award from career center director Cynthia Hansel during the $$Richmond Campus's commencement ceremony held in May.

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