Graduate is All Smiles After Earning MBA at ANU


As a treatment coordinator at PureSmile, an orthodontic and dentistry clinic located in Shanghai, China, Fang Zhang is using the business acumen that she gained in her MBA program at the ANU $$Roanoke Valley Campus as she works with doctors and patients from around the world.

“My studies in the U.S. at ANU definitely helped with getting this job,” Fang stated. “It is a very high-end clinic. Most of the doctors are from abroad–like UK, US, Germany, Spain, [and] most of the patients are foreigners who are living in Shanghai.”—

Earlier in her career, Fang was working as a project coordinator in China when she decided to continue her education. “During my work at Johanna Solar Solutions GmbH, I found out that there were a number of fields–financial management, marketing, business tax, and business organization– in which I would like to improve my knowledge,” she recalled.

After moving to the U.S. and working as an au pair for a family in Roanoke, she enrolled in the MBA program at American National University.  In the program, Fang found that the real-life projects that she and her classmates worked on in conjunction with businesses and organizations in the community brought the concepts that she was learning in class to life.


“When you can apply subjects discussed during the lectures directly into practice, it is much easier to really understand the theory,” Fang explained. “Another positive thing is that all course participants are working on the same case; therefore, group discussions which also have a positive effect on the understanding of the course contents are possible.”

Fang also feels that MBA program director Dr. Annette Chamberlin played a big role in her career success.  “Dr. C [Chamberlain] is the greatest teacher I’ve ever seen,” Fang stated. “She is very passionate about teaching.”

[img]In her work at PureSmile, Fang has a wide variety of duties, including building rapport with current and prospective patients and communicating treatment options with them.  She is also tasked with setting up contracts and assisting with financial negotiations; corresponding with insurance companies; and developing marketing materials for the practice.

“I'm so happy about finding this ideal job,” Fang said, adding that her education and experience have prepared her well to meet the challenges that the position offers. “The other exciting part is that I have a lot of new things to learn.”              

Photo A-Fang Zhang, a graduate of the MBA program at the ANU $$Roanoke Valley Campus, is working as a treatment coordinator at PureSmile in Shanghai, China.

Photo B-Fang has a variety of duties at PureSmile–from providing exceptional customer service to her patients to developing marketing materials for the practice.

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