Graduate Is a Shining Example for Prospective and Current Medical Assisting Students


Kelly Privette completed an internship with Central Ohio Surgical Associates (COSA) in February of last year while she was a medical assisting student at the $$Columbus Campus and was hired by the practice in May.  “She did a good job while she was here,” said Dr. Philip Price, one of the nine surgeons in the practice.  “She was more engaged than any other medical assisting student that we have had here.  Because of that, when she finished we offered her a job.  My nurse, who had been with me for 14 years became ill, retired, and we had Kelly step into her position.  Kelly has done an excellent job.” 

The surgeons of COSA perform advanced gastrointestinal laparoscopic surgeries in addition to other types.  The practice orders all kinds of tests, sets appointments, for patients and performs diagnostics.  Dr. Price added, “Kelly has been very cognizant of learning what she doesn’t know.  She has done an outstanding job stepping into the most difficult position that she could have stepped into in this practice.” 

[img]“I really enjoy working with Dr. Price,” said Kelly.  “I have learned quite a bit and am still learning every day.  Getting to work with him and our cancer patients is very rewarding.”  Kelly is involved with both the clinical and administrative sides of the practice.  A typical day might find her handling patient charts, ordering tests, completing FMLA paperwork, scheduling appointments, phone triage, requesting insurance authorizations, and removing all staples and stitches for patients. 

In the future, Kelly plans to earn her registered nurse credential then continue her education to obtain her bachelors of science in nursing.  She added that she wants to continue to work with Dr. Price and terminally ill patients. 

“I can’t imagine a better role model for prospective and current students other than Kelly as what you can achieve if you work hard and care about what you are doing,” said Dr. Price.  “In any field of endeavor, the people who strive to be the best they can be personally are the ones who succeed.  This is what she has done.  Kelly is a good example of what you can accomplish if you decide that you want to be engaged, care and strive for excellence.” 

Read more about Kelly Privette’s educational journey here:

A-Graduate Kelly Privette is a medical assistant with Central Ohio Surgical Associates.

B-Graduate Kelly Privette (r) with her employer, Dr. Phillip Price (l).

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