Graduate Gets Right to the Point at National College


Alyssa Biltz came to American National University’s $$Akron Area Campus after spending two years at a nearby state college—a time she calls “pointless.”

“National was more student-oriented and wanted to see you succeed,” said Alyssa.  At her previous school, she received little personal attention and no one seemed to care about the individual student.  In contrast, American National University offered a family atmosphere with faculty and staff “to help you along with whatever you needed,” she added.

Interested in the medical field, Alyssa decided that pharmacy tech was the right program for her.  She credits her instructors, especially pharmacy technician program chair Frances Nicholson, with her academic success.  “She led me to push myself, to want to do better,” said Alyssa.  That hard work allowed Alyssa to pass her certification exam and earn the title of certified pharmacy technician.

It paid off for Alyssa with not one, but two job offers from pharmacies where she completed portions of her externship.  After working for CVS, she subsequently took a position with Klein’s Pharmacy.  “The people, they’re very outgoing and very family oriented,” Alyssa said of her workplace.  The busy pharmacy also keeps her on her toes, which she enjoys.

Ultimately, it was National’s same family atmosphere that led to her career success.  “I never studied so much in my life,” Alyssa explained.  “The people that I was with, my friends, and the teachers, made me want to do that.”

Graduate Alyssa Biltz is working as a certified pharmacy technician. 


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