Graduate Delivers Good Business Sense in Her Job as a General Manager for Papa John’s


Misty Bray had a full scholarship to a state university waiting for her when she graduated from high school, but her life took a different path.  She was afraid that the opportunity to go to college had been lost until she enrolled at the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus several years later.

She was a stay-at-home mom when she came to American National University for her first visit, but choosing a program came easy to her.  “As I was looking through the curriculum I saw accounting, and I knew immediately that’s what I should do,” she recalled.  “I’ve always had a head for numbers and I’ve always had a head for business.”

[img]After graduating from National with her associate’s degree in 2005, she continued her education and earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting through an online program.  “I flew through my bachelor’s and my master’s thanks to the foundation I had at National,” she said.

When her children were older, she decided to put her education to work. “I went looking for a career, instead of just a job, and I found that career at Papa John’s,” she explained.  “I got hired on as a general manager because of my degrees and my head for business.”

In her work at Papa John’s, Misty’s duties include scheduling, taking inventory, placing orders, customer service, marketing and more.  “I do everything!” she said with a smile.  “Overall, all of the classes that I took at National really prepared me to be a general manager.  Without that business sense going on, I probably wouldn’t have landed the job that I have now.”

She hopes to advance in the company and become a district manager.  “That pride of showing my kids that no matter what life hands you, you can still succeed if you put your mind to it—that was my main goal in getting the degrees to begin with,” Misty explained. “I’ve succeeded quite well.”

A- After earning her associate's degree in accounting at the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus, Misty Bray earned her bachelor's and master's degree in accounting and was later hired by Papa John's as a general manager.

B- “Overall, all of the classes that I took at National really prepared me to be a general manager," said $$Danville, Kentucky Campus graduate Misty Bray.

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