Graduate Builds Two Successful Careers on MBA Foundation


Jack Hatfield earned his Master of Business Administration degree from American National University’s $$Roanoke Valley Campus in 2010, graduating with honors. Since then, he has successfully established himself in the health insurance industry. After relocating to Tampa, Florida, he created and managed a call center team of more than 60 insurance agents, producing over $40 million a year. Jack then moved on to another company, where he was named the top producing health insurance agent in the state during his first full year with them. He has since been asked to assist in various projects to help grow the company globally.

While his career in insurance is going well, he was motivated to additionally pursue a new, completely different venture. “I decided I wanted to diversify my income in this crazy economy we have had and decided to utilize my famous last name and family history,” shared Jack, who is a direct descendant of the famous Hatfield family patriarch.— 

[img]During his time as an MBA student at ANU, Jack had found a drawer full of family recipes while helping his grandmother clean her house and turned them into a homemade cookbook for her as a Christmas gift. After seeing how well it turned out, Jack’s keen business intuition told him this could become something much more, so he decided to have a professional version published and called it “Eat’n with the Hatfields.” In addition to the recipes, he added sections on the Hatfield & McCoy family feud history, interesting family facts, and more.

Jack didn’t want to stop with just the cookbook, so he created a logo and brand with his surname and hopes to license the “Hatfield Approved” logo on items such as hunting and camping equipment. “I created to sell not only the historical family cookbook, but also Hatfield branded items with the logo,” he explained. “The cookbook is what I am using to pivot the brand into the market at a faster rate. I have on the first page of the cookbook an advertisement drawing traffic to the website. When someone buys the book on Amazon, Kindle, or in bookstores, this will allow me to keep in touch with the Hatfield fans and offer them other great items.”


Jack is thankful for the knowledge and skills gained in his MBA courses, which have added to his success in his insurance career, as well as allowing him to create a business of his own. “My education from ANU has given me the confidence to master anything I want to accomplish in life,” he declared.

A- MBA graduate Jack Hatfield utilized the skills from his business courses at ANU to establish himself in the insurance industry and to start a business venture of his own.

B- Jack’s unique family history served as the inspiration for his “Hatfield Brand.”

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