Graduate Advances in her Medical Career


Althea Lear was recently promoted to office coordinator of two Saint Joseph Primary Care Associates offices after graduating from the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus  in 2012 and earning her credentials as a registered medical assistant (RMA).


Althea first came to American National University looking for training that would bring her job stability after she was laid off from a medical records auditing company. “Being a single parent, I had to start making some money some way, and I knew that this was the best time to [return to school],”she recalled.  


At National, Althea enjoyed the family-like atmosphere and the hands-on classroom experience. As part of her medical assisting program, she also participated in an externship at the Boyle County Health Department where she became a part of the medical team, taking patients histories and vitals, and assisting in the front office with computer work. “That gave me a lot of experience and took the nervousness out,” she stated.


[img]As graduation neared, Althea began working with the campus’s career center director to refine her resume, conduct mock interviews, and begin her job search. “She let me know the job openings that were available close by.  Being a single parent, I didn’t want to travel too far,” Althea explained.  “She said, ‘Just give me the word and we’ll get started.’  We did, and probably two weeks later I had my job.”


After working in the offices of Primary Care Associates for several years, Althea now supervises the other medical assistants and works with technology, scheduling, and inventory in the offices. She also works in the clinical side of the practice, which provides both primary and work place care in which she conducts drug screenings and physicals, and treats work-related injuries. “If I hadn’t received the training at National, I don’t think I’d be doing this,” Althea said with a smile. “They helped me get my job.”


A- Althea Lear has been promoted to office coordinator of two Saint Joseph Primary Care Associates offices after earning her degree in medical assisting at the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus in 2012.


B- Althea supervises the medical assisting staff and also works in the clinical side of the busy practice.

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