Getting a Leg Up in a New Job Market


Gary Anthony moved from Michigan to the Princeton area almost six years ago to be closer to his mother. He had worked for more than 20 years in the engineering field but became tired of the stress and travel. He decided to pursue higher education for a career change: “I thought my background in engineering coupled with a degree in business, would make me more marketable.”

New to the area, Gary had to do some research to find a college that could help him learn new business skills. After hearing from several people that National was a well-known business school, he decided to take a tour of the Princeton Campus. He liked the facility and he also liked that the class sizes are small.

Gary will soon graduate from National’s eUniversity with a third degree in the Master of Business Administration program (with a specialization in Organizational Management). He previously earned an associate degree in business management and accounting, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration management from the Princeton Campus.

“After I graduate with my MBA, I’m considering going back and taking the last few classes I need for a bachelor’s in accounting,” said Gary who feels like National is family to him now. “It’s not like some big university where you’re seeing different faces all the time. It's nicer, because I get to know these people and you can build relationships with them.”

With three degrees, Gary has taken many classes in the classroom and through distance education. He said they each have their own benefits. “At first, I thought I would miss the in-class interaction, but after I got used to the freedom that I had, and making my own schedule, I really liked the online classes,” Gary explained.

He feels like distance education classes are especially good for people who desire to work in business because they will learn time management skills. He also likes how accessible the instructors are to him. “If I send them an email, I usually get a response back right away.”

With his third graduation soon approaching, Gary is researching job opportunities. He said he would like to teach at some point in the future because he likes helping people. With his education and experience, we are certain that Gary will not only find success in a new career field but he will also have fun using his new skills.

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