Why General Education Courses Are Important

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Why General Education Courses are Important

When studying for a degree in America, students must take general education courses that do not center around their selected major. These general education courses usually consist of math, science, English, and history classes, among others – and for some students, these classes seem unnecessary. Why are students required to take courses they do not have an interest in or may not even be needed in their majors?

What is General Education?

General education is defined as “a program that develops students’ general knowledge, literacy, skills, and competencies to equip them with the foundation for lifelong learning and advanced academic curricula.” Essentially, general education courses provide students with skills in several disciplines to become well-rounded students and professionals. Students will take classes in different subjects, like natural sciences, English, history, mathematics, and foreign language to provide them with a working knowledge to round out their education. These courses provide a broader knowledge in many subjects to create jack-of-all-trades of students so they can become successful in career and life.

Why is General Education Important?

Because general education provides students a broader scope of knowledge to apply to their academics and career, students are earning skills in multiple disciplines to maximize their success. For that, there are several reasons students should make the most of their general education rather than dreading it. Those include:

  1. Learn Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For

With a broad education from general courses, you can learn skills that every employer wants from their employees. These can be in communication and working within a team, literacy and writing, critical thinking, social, technology, and leadership skills, among many that these courses can provide you. Employers are looking for professionals not only well versed in their field, but those who have a well-rounded education to bring to the table.

  1. They Provide You with More Knowledge

While your major gives you the education you need to succeed in your field, your general education courses allow you to see outside of that scope. A business major will need to take English classes to enhance the writing in their business plans, a medical assistant will need to take a social sciences class to better their understanding of their patients, and a network developer will need a foreign language to help bridge a gap of understanding with developers around the world. With general education, you’ll be able to apply the aforementioned soft skills you learn to every aspect of your career.

  1. They Can Help with Your Career

As mentioned previously, your general education helps your career in soft skills and broader knowledge scopes. However, it also aids your career so that you can see how your field is relevant in the grand scheme of the world. A business major working in a medical equipment company will be able to market their products more if they have a general understanding of the science and even social market of the medical field. Having a general understanding of multiple disciplines will allow students to see the world past their designated field.

With general education, students gain a more comprehensive understanding of the world and the skills they need to become successful. This is how an American education stands out from the rest of the world – where many other countries focus on the specific discipline, a degree earned in the USA provides students with a general understanding in many subjects to create soft skills, broader understanding, and career boosting benefits. American National University provides students with general education courses they can access all from the comfort of their own home. To learn more about our general education courses or our eLearning platforms, go to an.edu.

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