Gabrielle Reinhard – Student Services Representative – Difference Maker


Difference Maker Gabrielle Reinhard graduated from the pharmacy technician program at the Fort Wayne Campus in 2012 and worked as a pharmacy technician before returning to work for her alma mater in 2014.

“I loved what I did as a pharmacy technician, but I also find it really rewarding to work at the school I graduated from. I think the fact that I went to school here really helps me in student services because I already understand the culture of the school. I understand what it is that brings the students to ANU because it brought me here as well, so I can do what it takes to make sure their time here is as great as it can be.”

“I really try to make a difference by being a positive influence in students’ lives. I try to compliment and encourage students when I see them, and I enjoy getting to hear about their families and lives outside of school. A little bit of encouragement can go a long way!”

“My favorite moment as an ANU staff member was when the Student Activities Council (SAC) planned an amazing Christmas party last year for our students. I loved watching them plan it out, decorate for it, and get excited about it. They brought in food, music, and a Santa for the students’ kids to come and see. Seeing the student members of SAC plan this event and then seeing the campus faculty, staff, students, and their families having a good time and celebrating was really awesome to watch and be a part of.”

PHOTO- Gabrielle Reinhard is a Difference Maker at the Fort Wayne Campus

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