Fulfilling Greatness: Laquae Macklin’s Story with ANU

While working from home during the pandemic in 2020, Laquae Macklin decided a change needed to be made for his future. He first graduated from American National University’s Administrative Medical Assisting associate degree program in 2021, worked within the field, and took a break from education for two years. However, he still felt that there was something else out there that he was meant to do. So he came back to ANU in 2023 to enroll in our Pharmacy Technician diploma program. He enjoyed his first term thoroughly and dedicated much of his time to excelling. And his hard work has given him the recognition of becoming a Term Trailblazer for term 237!

Laquae mentioned trouble finding a job in his career during the pandemic as the reason he began the pharmacy technician diploma program. And he returned to ANU because of the way we structured our curriculum.

“I love the school, I love the way the curriculum is set up, and I feel as if I went somewhere else, I probably wouldn’t put in as much effort,” Laquae reflects.

With his busy schedule, working two jobs while in school, scheduling flexibility is important. He explains, “if there’s something that I can’t do or if a particular Zoom course isn’t going to work that day, it can be changed to where it can better suit me. And I really, really enjoy that, because it helps.”

When it comes to his classes, Laquae enjoyed utilizing his lab kits in class. He describes all of the materials he received in them – from goggles, gloves, a scale, to even a lab coat. “I think that those courses where I’m going to be able to dive into that kit, I think that’s really, really going to prepare me in being a pharmacy tech,” he says. Laquae goes on to say that the small number of students in his courses has helped him focus as well.  In speaking about one of his classes where he utilizes his lab kit, “I think, in that course, there was maybe six of us in there. So it was really easy to dive in and be quick to ask questions… and help each other out.”

During his first time at ANU, Laquae fondly recalls a professor, Michel Awad, that he had that helped him through tough times. He attended during the thick of Covid, and like many others around the world, the pandemic took its toll on him. However, Michel was a beam of light that understood and worked with him throughout his course. “I can honestly say it’s just the rapport that can be built with the instructors at ANU – I really don’t think I would get that anywhere else,” he explains. Even in his time now, Laquae finds that speaking with his instructors and professors is not only easy but helps him better his education and experience.

Overall, of his entire time at ANU, Laquae has enjoyed the curriculum. He explains that it’s easy to navigate things like Canvas and his courses, everything is accessible, and everyone he speaks to is helpful.

“If there’s something I don’t understand or don’t get or find difficult to understand – I have the instructors right there, classmates right there. Everything is just at your fingertips.

For his future goals, Laquae wants to move back home to Tennessee and wants to work in a pharmacy – working his way up from pharmacy technician. “I really want to see where this is going to take me… deep down in my gut, I feel like this is going to be it – this is my foundation,” he says of his program, “this is where I belong.” He hopes to go for pharmacy school in the future now that he is secure that pharmacy is the career he wants to be in.

“I would definitely refer ANU to anyone willing to further their education in whatever they’re looking to do,” he says. “Give ANU a try… you will not be disappointed because the help is there. The instructors are great, the financial advisors will walk you through everything. If there’s something you don’t understand… they will give you the resources you need for financial aid.”

His advice to those who start at ANU: “Ask questionsdon’t be afraid. Don’t let your age in life hold you back. Go for it… The help is there, the instructors are great, you will be able to interact with people who are possibly going through the same things you are in life.

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