From Extern to Certified Medical Assistant to Clinical Manager


Heather Patrick has seen big changes in the medical field during her twelve years working  at Richmond Women’s Health Care as a certified medical assistant (CMA). “The medical assisting career is changing tremendously from year to year,” she said. “From insurance to how we treat patients—it’s totally different.”
Heather first began working at Richmond Women’s Health Care as an extern during her medical assisting program at the $$Richmond Campus. After completing her externship with the practice and graduating from American National University, she was hired by Richmond Women’s Health as a CMA  and was later promoted to clinical manager of the practice. “They had only been open a few weeks when I started my clinicals, so I’ve been at this practice since the beginning,” she explained.
Heather feels that hard work, her passion for the medical field, and the foundation of knowledge that she gained at National, under the instruction of director of health care education Paula Beth Ciolek, have all contributed to her career advancement. “It’s a constant learning process,” she said. “Even though I learned what I needed to know in school twelve years ago, I still learn something new every day.”
[img]In fact, Heather was so pleased by her education at National that when the practice recently had an opening on the staff, she contacted the American National University career center to identify qualified candidates for the position, and $$Richmond Campus graduate Jessica Green was soon hired as a registered medical assistant.  
Heather feels that Jessica is a great addition to the staff and that they will both enjoy a long and rewarding career with Richmond Women’s Health. “This place is great. We work for great doctors, and most of us are like family here,” Heather said. “I love what I do. I will be here as long as I can.”
A- $$Richmond Campus graduate Heather Patrick began working at Richmond Women's Health Care as an extern and has advanced into a position as clinical manager of the practice.
B- Heather hired $$Richmond Campus graduate Jessica Green after contacting American National University to find qualified applicants for the opening in her office. 
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