From Classmates to Co-Workers


Tammy Tipton and Sarah Young were once classmates at the ANU $$Richmond Campus, and now they’re co-workers, as well, after they were both hired as medical assistants by Baptist Health Medical Group (BHMG) Primary Care.

In the busy medical practice, Tammy and Sarah use the skills that they gained at American National University to help keep the office running smoothly.  While Tammy is a floater in the office, Sarah is assigned to work with one internist, prepping patients to see the doctor and assisting him with procedures.—

Tammy feels well prepared for the wide variety of tasks that she performs. “I love it.  I get to work with all of the physicians; I get to work with all the MAs; and I work in the lab,” she shared.


Sarah, who was hired from her externship in the office, also feels that the skills that she gained at ANU, along with her strong work ethic, helped her quickly transition into the workforce. “Honestly, I’m kind of a go-getter, and I give 100% to whatever I’m doing,” she said. “I literally got hired before I graduated from college.”

[img]The relationship that Tammy and Sarah developed, as well as their relationships with the staff and faculty at ANU, has also contributed to their success. “It was a great experience. We were like a family and still are,” Tammy stated. “I would not be where I am today without them.”

Tammy, who formerly worked as a 911 dispatcher, has a new sense of self-confidence after earning her degree and landing her job with BHMG.  Sarah feels that her opportunities are endless thanks to the education that she gained at ANU, and she’s proud that her new career will help create a brighter future for her children. “I just wanted a better life for them,” she explained.

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