Freedom with Education: A Health Information Management Testimony

Fresh out of high school, working a retail job in a grocery store, Emily Mattingly took her future into her own hands and join ANU’s pharmacy tech diploma program. She graduated with her diploma in 2011 and worked in a retail pharmacy for some time before deciding to take her education one step further to an associate degree in our health information management program.

Once receiving her degree in 2021, Emily became employed at University of Louisville hospital as an HIM Tech in Louisville, Kentucky. Using the skills she learned during her education, Emily was hired just a little two weeks after graduation. “I graduated July 24, and was hired August 9,” Emily says. “I was still in my externship!” Since working as an HIM tech, Emily says this job has given her more freedom than her previous bouts in retail, “I have less stress, I do really enjoy it.”

Emily is preparing to take an exam to become a registered HIM tech, and after that, she plans to become an analyst and hopes to be able to work from home in order to spend more time with her children.

During her time at ANU, Emily recalls the dedication her instructors had for her and her classmates. “In my coding class, my instructor would always make sure we understood everything,” she says. “That class made it more exciting for me.”

Emily says she would recommend ANU to others looking to pursue their education. Her advice to new students is, “be prepared. Don’t wait until the last minute,” she says. “You wait until the last minute, and something will go wrong.”

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