Four study tips to help you succeed


Getting good grades and ultimately earning your degree depend to a great extent on passing tests. To do that, most people need to study to absorb all the information presented in class and textbooks. Here are some tips to help make the most of your study time.

  1. Change your location. Recent studies have shown that changing the area where you study can help you remember more. So, if you normally cram in the library, take your books outside before your next test. You’ll get some fresh air, reduce your stress, and maybe see your scores improve.
  2. Buddy up. Studying with a friend or group can help you stay motivated. And if there’s a large amount of information, it can be divided up among several people to save time. Sharing what they gleaned from a section with the group will help each person remember more, as teaching helps to reinforce what we’ve learned. Plus, it can make the study session seem less like work and more like fun.
  3. Alternate topics. Studying science or math for four hours at a time can get tedious, but it also can mean you absorb less. Studying a little math, and then some science and some English Composition may make the material stick, while helping you feel less overwhelmed.
  4. Get enough sleep. Staying up the night before the exam may help you cover all the material you missed during the semester, but how well will you do on the test if you fall asleep halfway through? A better strategy is to prepare for a test over the days leading up to it, making sure you get a full night’s rest before the big day.

A course load is much more manageable with successful study tips. Going to class regularly and preparing for tests wisely are the foundations for reaching your goals in college.

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