Eyes on the Future


$$Dayton Area Campus graduate Heather Eck quickly achieved her career goals through National’s medical assisting associate degree program, but the 21-year-old definitely isn’t finished yet.

“I like helping people, and I’m good with other people,” she says. That led her to a career in the medical field, and having achieved her Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification, she has her eyes set on getting her nursing degree and working in a hospital obstetrics ward.

Heather had a friend who was attending American National University to become a medical assistant when she was researching educational opportunities. Comparing what National had to offer to another nearby college, Heather says she liked the class schedules and class structure at National.

“I loved the invasive classes…[they] were so hands-on,” she explains. “The phlebotomy part of it was my favorite.”

Significantly, two programs offered by the State of Ohio helped Heather achieve her educational goals. Ohio’s 529 Savings Plan (www.CollegeAdvantage.com) provides a tax-free way of saving for college, while the Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) provides grants to qualified Ohio students pursuing a college degree. American National University helped lead the fight to restore eligibility for OCOG for career college students.

Not only did Heather enjoy her classes and instructors, she’s been able to continue one of those relationships in her job with Kettering Family Practice. “Angie Williams was my teacher throughout many of my medical classes,” Heather explains. “Now I have the pleasure of working with her.”

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