Externships Lead to Employment for Pharmacy Technician Graduates


As students in the pharmacy technician program at the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus, Amanda Taylor and Brandie Wells each completed externships at Rite Aid Pharmacy in Stanford, Kentucky. As a result of their proven knowledge and skills during their externships, they were both hired by Rite Aid, where they continue to serve the community by providing their customers with prescriptions in an accurate and timely manner.
It is partnerships with employers like Rite Aid, who provide hands-on experience during externships, and who often subsequently hire the externs they host, that help ensure that American National University graduates make the vital transition from the classroom into the workforce. 
Due to its ongoing support of career college education, Rite Aid was recently recognized as a Distinguished Community Employer by the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus. Campus director Lee Bowling and director of health care education Stephanie Slone presented the award to staff pharmacist Heather Estep. 
“We want to thank Rite Aid for their partnership and the opportunities that you offer our students and graduates,” said Lee at the presentation.
Ms. Estep said that Rite Aid is happy to partner with American National University to provide employment opportunities for graduates. She feels that Amanda and Brandie are valuable members of her team. “They’ve excelled in what they do here,” she said.  
[img]In their work, Brandie and Amanda assist the pharmacists in filling prescriptions and provide administrative support. They also work closely with medical offices and insurance companies to verify information for patients’ prescriptions and insurance claims.  
Brandie said that she is appreciative of the career that she’s found at Rite Aid thanks to the training that she received at National. She enrolled in the program after the company that she worked for downsized and she lost her job in merchandising. “I’ve always had an interest in being in the medical field,” she explained, adding that she was drawn to National because of its small class size and convenient location. “I feel like with smaller classes, it’s easier to learn.”
She enjoys using the knowledge that she gained in her program to help others, and her career as a pharmacy technician is helping her to provide a better life for her family. “I would have never gotten on here [without my education],” she said. “It’s helped my life and helped me take care of my children.” 
A- (Left to right) American National University graduate Brandie Wells, campus director Lee Bowling, Rite Aid staff pharmacist Heather Estep, director of health care education Stephanie Slone, and graduate Amanda Taylor are shown during the presentation of the Distinguished Community Employer award to Rite Aid in Stanford, Kentucky.
B- Pharmacy technician graduates Amanda Taylor (left) and Brandie Wells (right) were both hired by Rite Aid following externships with the company.
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