Education at ANU Equals Success for Accounting Graduate


Vanessa Enriquez Ruiz has always had a head for numbers, which helped her build a successful career in her native country of Cuba, working for eighteen years in accounting and later as an attorney. But when she came to America in search of freedom and opportunity, she was disheartened to discover that her experience and college education wasn’t recognized by employers in the U.S.

Unable to find work in the field that she loved, Vanessa was forced to take a job as a line cook at a local restaurant chain to help support her family. With job dissatisfaction fueling her resolve, she became determined to get the education that she needed to reestablish her accounting career. At the suggestion of a friend, she contacted admissions representative Ely Kraft at the American National University $$Louisville Campus.—


“When I started to go to college I felt scared…but it was wonderful,” Vanessa recalled. “I was very nervous, but once I met Ely, who [is also] Hispanic, [she] assisted me during the enrollment process and helped me to stay focused until graduation.”

[img]Vanessa completed her accounting office assistant program with high honors just a year after enrolling. With the credentials that she needed to back up her experience, she was hired as an accounting assistant at Quick Accounting, where she confidently provides payroll, tax, and bookkeeping assistance to her clients–from doctors to shop owners–many of whom are Hispanic, as well.

“When I finished college, I started [working] here very fast. I’m very happy,” Vanessa said with a smile. “I came to this country looking for opportunities, and ANU made that possible.”

A- Vanessa Enriquez Ruiz is appreciative of $$Louisville Campus admissions representative Ely Kraft, who supported her throughout her enrollment and program at ANU.

B- Vanessa, a native of Cuba, has returned to her career in accounting after graduating from the $$Louisville Campus.

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