Distinguished Community Employer Stories

Leading Pharmaceutical Services Company Partners with Pharmacy Technician Program

RX Institutional Services (RXIS) was recently recognized for its support of the ANU Youngstown Campus’s pharmacy technician program RXIS, a division of Hometown Pharmacy Solutions (HPS), was established in 2007. It provides pharmaceutical services to assisted living, personal care, group homes and skilled nursing facilities throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. RXIS…

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Dr. Ginger Kubala and Montgomery Family Practice were recently presented with the ANU Distinguished Community Employer Award  in recognition of the many ways that they provide support…

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The $$Martinsville Campus recently presented Friedrichs Family Eye Center with the American National University’s Distinguished Community Employer Award. Director of health science education Gary Jenkins…

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The $$Martinsville Campus recently presented Martinsville Family Medicine with the Distinguished Community Employer award. Campus representatives presented a plaque of appreciation to recognize the medical…

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