Determination is Key to Succeed

Devan Thacker was a stay-at-home mom who wanted to obtain a medical assisting degree. American National University provided her with the flexibility she needed in order to accomplish her goal. “It worked with my schedule. That was the main thing, it worked around my kid’s schedule and mine.”

Devan was surrounded by people who supported her decision to go to school. She had to withdraw, but later returned to ANU after receiving the Presidents Grant and encouragement from some of our staff to go to school and finish her associate degree. “It was mainly the staff. I had done so well because they worked great with my schedule that I figured why not go back?” Surrounding herself with classmates who would then go on to graduate gave her the motivation she needed to continue her education. “[I was encouraged by] the success stories of the other students that I had met that had went there and graduated”

Currently, Devan is waiting to take her exam so she can apply for a medical assistant position. She feels confident that her education at American National University will help her pass the test. “The director [James Hess] also gave me tips on how to study for it, like recommended apps. He made sure that I knew where I could get the material to study for it too.” Devan would “absolutely” recommend American National University to anyone looking for quality education. “I truly have worked hard throughout my college career and now it’s showing.”

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