Cybersecurity Student Follows in His Father’s Footsteps


Benjamin Martin, a student in the cybersecurity program at the $$Princeton Campus, has been surrounded by computer technology his whole life, but as a young man he was determined to take a different direction in his career. “I grew up around computers because my dad was a federal agent and worked in the computer crimes division,” Benjamin recalled.  “I swore up and down that I wasn’t going to be a part of this line of work–that’s why I joined the Marine Corps. Through my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), I had a new exposure to actually working in this environment, and I just got an itch for it.”

After leaving the military and being unable to find employment, Benjamin decided the time was right to take advantage of his Post-9/11 GI Bill educational benefits. He researched a number of local universities, but chose American National University due to the endorsement of his father, Sammy Martin, who now serves as the information technology department chair at the $$Princeton Campus, and due to a number of other valuable advantages that he found at ANU.

“Being submersed in this field previous to starting school here, as I was, the focus on not just computer science or cybersecurity but industry standards and certifications here has been a nice thing to see.” he said. “This field is all about certifications, because the technology is ever-changing, so you constantly have to be proving your knowledge.”

[img]Benjamin also feels that ANU’s free lifetime refresher courses are very valuable. “What really appealed to me the most was the fact that you have to maintain your certifications and the alumni are able to come back and take courses again,” he explained. “That was a big drawing point, as far as being a truly long-term investment.”

A testament to his hard work in his program, Benjamin was recently hired by Celanese, a global manufacturing company, where he’s working as a process control IT technician.  While he continues to soak up all the knowledge that he can in class and in the field, Benjamin has a clear vision for his future. “I would love to be able to work in the corporate office of the Boston Red Sox,” he said with a smile. “A lot of people don’t think IT and sports [go together], but there’s a lot that happens on the corporate side of managing a team, and they need IT support, as well.”

A- Benjamin Martin feels that the emphasis on industry certifications and the availability of free lifetime refresher courses are valuable benefits of his cybersecurity program at ANU.

B- Cybersecurity student Benjamin Martin (left) is pictured with his father, Sammy Martin (right), a former federal agent who now serves as the information technology department chair at the $$Princeton Campus.

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