Cybersecurity field growing quickly


It’s hard to turn on the news or pick up the paper lately without reading about sensitive information being leaked. This is happening locally and nationally. For example, a scanning device was recently discovered at a credit union ATM leaving thousands of accounts vulnerable to identity theft. On a national scale, former CIA and NSA computer specialist Edward Snowden was accused of leaking top-secret details about U.S. surveillance to the press.

Threats to information security like these are growing. According to a recent USA Today article, The Department of Homeland Security processed about 190,000 attacks against “critical infrastructure” in 2012, up from under a dozen in 2009. Rising cybersecurity threats have consumers and corporations both nervous. As a response, banks, retailers and other companies are beefing up their cybersecurity and adding new jobs. About 65,000 new cybersecurity jobs are expected through 2020.

A degree in cybersecurity is a great step toward becoming qualified for one of those jobs.

Cybersecurity field growing quickly

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