Coding For Her Future: A Medical Billing and Coding Story

After supporting her husband and son through their educational journeys, Amanda Perry decided to take her opportunity to follow her own aspirations. Amanda chose our Medical Billing and Coding  program, and that choice came from her desire to work from home and, along with that, a large healthcare facility near her is hiring medical coders constantly—knowing she would have a secure, in-demand career that she can achieve from home confirmed her decision to study at ANU.

I love it, I absolutely love it,” Amanda says about her time at ANU. While attending, she likes how she can get to know her instructors, and how she consistently has the same instructors in her field of study. “I really enjoy the coding classes and having the same teachers, they’re all so great.” One instructor she boasts is Keegan Gay, who set her and her classmates up with a roadmap of what they could do with their education and future. “He has been wonderful,” she says. “I can plan my family’s future a whole lot better.” She says all of her instructors have been helpful during her experience, like offering to meet with her individually after zoom sessions, and quick responses from her instructors as soon as she needs help. “All my teachers and instructors have been so great at responding,” she says. “The distance [learning] has turned out wonderful for me.”

When initially comparing her distance education to a classroom experience, she remarks, “I expected a whole lot less but got a whole lot more.” She hopes that once she graduates with her diploma and is hired by the aforementioned healthcare facility, that she can get her associate degree and further her education through ANU.

When it comes to telling other potential students about joining the ANU family, she strongly encourages it. “I already have recommended it, and I have a 24 year old son and I have recommended it to him also,” she says.

Her advice to people looking to go to school would be: “Make sure you’re committed to it,” she says. “It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it, so make sure you’re committed to it.” Along with that, she says, “keep your grades up, make yourself more appealing to the job market once you’re finished!”

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