Clearing the Way For Success: How ANU Helps International Students

Sonia Asante is an American National University student who came to America from Ghana to further her education. She is currently working toward her MBA in Healthcare Management.

Before attending ANU, she attended another university in America but did not enjoy her time there. One day, she saw a Facebook advertisement for American National University and decided to give us a chance. She was first helped by our international admissions representative, Amina.  Sonia was informed that her credits would transfer to ANU and that she could work through our day one Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program with no extra fee. This led Sonia to ask herself, “Why was I struggling at [the other university]?” She had a smooth transition to ANU and appreciated the willingness of our staff to help her every step of the way. “Amina made me fall in love with ANU… I’m happy she helped me aboard.”

For her CPT, Sonia works as an international admissions representative for ANU. She feels this position will allow her to learn the skills she needs in her future career. “[At orientation,] the vice president came to our level to help us understand how to be a professional. I have learned so many things.” In addition to being a great working experience, Sonia enjoys sharing her story with those who are looking to study at ANU. “My experience here has been very smooth, and I would want to share that with anyone who wants to come aboard.”

Not only does Sonia love her CPT, but she also loves her classes. She says, “When I have my laptop, I have my school with me.” Though she is not in a physical classroom, she can still share ideas with her classmates and professors. When comparing ANU to the other university she attended, she says, “Sometimes I think this is a dream because they are two different [universities] all together and the experiences are so different.”

Sonia advises anyone wanting to study in America to enroll at American National University. “They make me feel at home” she says. “They will always help you when you need it. You will have a fantastic experience.”


For more information about joining ANU, visit our international students webpage.

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