Charting a New Path in the Medical Field


While she had always wanted to return to college someday, stay-at-home mom Kala Day decided to go back a little earlier than she had planned when her husband lost his job. She needed new skills fast, so she could enter the workforce. “It’s hard to find a job without experience.”

Since her husband is active in the Army Reserve, she was looking for a college that was military friendly. “That’s one thing I love about [National]; they are so military oriented.”

Kala enrolled in the Phlebotomy+ECG diploma program at the Princeton Campus because she could complete it in ten months and start working right away. Her experience in this program helped her realize how much she enjoyed working in the medical field.

Shortly after she graduated and became a certified phlebotomist, she decided to re-enroll in the medical assisting associate degree program, so she could have more options for employment. “I want to be established [in my career],” Kala said as she explained how she’s looking forward to having a consistent career in the medical field.

She didn’t have to think twice about where she would go to further her education in medical assisting because National was such a good fit for her. “The way the terms and this school is set up, and having done [classes at another] college setting before, this is so much better for me,” Kala said. “Because it is fast-paced, the classrooms are smaller, and everybody is like family here. They talk to you, they know you by your name.”

Kala is glad she found National during this time of transition for her and her husband not only because she will soon start a new career, but also because she feels like she is part of a small community. “It’s like a family here; it’s so close kit.”

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