Certificate, Diploma, and Skill Credential Programs

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Certificate, Diploma, and Skill Credential Programs

When working towards a successful career, one you’re already in or even a brand-new field, you may need skills to bolster your resume and beat out the competition. Certificate, diploma, or skill credential programs at American National University provide you the opportunity to learn new skills or build upon existing ones so that you can continue to climb in your profession. Whether you’re looking to build skills without the time and cost of a college degree for an entry-level job or to move into a specialized area within your field, college certificates and diplomas will give you what you need to get where you want to be. Explore the benefits of the programs ANU offers and the career benefits they could mean for you!

What Certificate, Diploma, and Skill Credential Programs Does ANU Offer?

ANU offers several programs in different fields, such as business or health sciences to name a few, to give you the competitive edge you need to stand out and rise in your chosen career. Our programs that don’t need previous college education are:

  • Medical Billing and Coding – Here you will gain skills and knowledge alongside ethical responsibilities to perform the functions of a medical biller and coder. You can break into the world of medical billing and coding with this diploma program.
  • Pharmacy Technician – In this program, you will learn laboratory skills and gain field experience through an externship in our pharmacy technician program. Join the growing pharmacy field with this diploma program.
  • Nurse Aide (Only available to our Pikeville Campus) – Completing this program will provide you the skills that revolve around patient day-to-day needs so that you can join the nursing field faster.

If you already earned a degree, you could also earn skill credentials in these programs:

  • Administrative Medical Assisting – With your pre-existing college degree, in this program you will earn the necessary skills for entry-level positions in this fast-growing medical field.
  • Accounting – If you come from a business background or are looking to join the world of business, this extensive curriculum of accounting principles will prepare you to be a business leader.
  • Business Administration – If you’re looking to climb the business ladder, this program will allow you to take on more managerial roles with a broadened understanding of business practices and concepts.
  • Phlebotomy and ECG Technician – Already in the medical field and looking to specialize in something? This program will help you learn the key components to become a Phlebotomy + ECG Technician in order to bolster your resume for the healthcare field.
  • Paralegal – Looking to join the legal side of business? This program provides the knowledge you need to become a paralegal in our ABA approved program.
  • Medical Assisting – Medical Assistants are multi-talented healthcare professionals, skilled in performing routine clinical and administrative procedures for healthcare settings. This program can help you broaden your understanding of the healthcare field.

Why Should I Earn a College Certificate or Diploma?

  1. Save Time and Money: With ANU’s certificate and diploma programs, you can find entry level work in health science fields of Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Technician, or Nurse Aide (if you reside in Pikeville, KY). These programs will allow you to get into the field you want without having to attend an associate or bachelor’s degree program, so that not only will you save time, but you will save money with our low-cost tuitions. Not only that, but you will be in the workforce sooner, so you can start earning money sooner.
  2. Develop Specialized Skills: All our diploma and skill credential level programs are made to help you find your next career move. Whether you decide to work in a pharmacy, focus on accounting in business, or want to become a phlebotomist, you can find new areas to unlock specific skills and new interests that you may not have had a chance to discover previously in your career.
  3. Bolster Your Resume: When you attend either our diploma and certificate programs or our skill credential programs, you will be bolstering your resume with new skills. Employers are always looking for those employees who take the initiative to learn and grow in their careers, and our programs will be proof that you put the time and work in to do just that. And having these skills on your resume will give you a chance to stand out amongst other applicants for the job you really want.

Why Should I Choose ANU for My Certificate/Diploma Program?

American National University’s accelerated programs allow you to earn your diploma faster. In as soon as ten months, you can have a certificate to boost your resume and climb up in your career so that you can earn faster. Along with that, we have low tuition costs, and applications are free for all undergraduate and diploma programs. Any materials you may need to finish your classes, such as textbooks or lab equipment, are included in your tuition. ANU wants to see you succeed in your career, and we have designed programs so that you can continue to move up in your profession.

Amanda Perry enrolled in our Medical Billing and Coding program as her way to get into the medical field. Along with that, a large healthcare facility located near her home had ample opportunity for her to join the career that she wanted. When recalling her online education with ANU for her diploma, she remarks, “I expected a whole lot less but got a whole lot more. The distance [learning] has turned out wonderful for me.” And some of her advice to other people looking to join ANU’s programs were to be committed – so that you can make yourself “more appealing to the job market once you’re finished!”

ANU also has stackable degrees—if you join one of our certificate and diploma programs, those credits could go towards earning your associate or bachelor’s degree in your field. For example, the credits you earn in our Medical Billing and Coding program can count towards our associate degree of that same program—just as Amanda Perry plans to do once she completes her diploma. he hopes that once she graduates with her diploma and is hired by the healthcare facility near her, and that she can get her associate degree and further her education through ANU.

These days, a skill credential, certificate, or diploma can allow you to learn new things, find new interests, and boost your resume so that you can do more in the workforce. ANU’s all-inclusive, low tuition and accelerated programs can help you on your educational journey. You can build towards successful careers when you enroll in one of our certificate or diploma programs. To learn more about these programs, go to an.edu/programs/certificates or an.edu/programs/skill-credentials.

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