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Becoming Successful Without Sacrifice: Sarah Slone’s Story with ANU

December 5, 2022
Between working, raising three children, a husband to be with, and attending American National University, Sarah Slone has a lot on her plate. She represents the students that often join...

ANU’s Stackable Degree Programs

November 23, 2022
Let’s Talk About… ANU’s Stackable Degree Programs In today’s world, many people wanting to earn their degrees must work full-time to support themselves or their families and trying to fit...

Certificate, Diploma, and Skill Credential Programs

November 11, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Certificate, Diploma, and Skill Credential Programs When working towards a successful career, one you’re already in or even a brand-new field, you may need skills to bolster...

Online Learning

October 28, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Online Learning At American National University, we take a different approach to delivering your education. Our programs are 100% online so that you can earn your education...

Accounting Could Be Your Next Exciting Career!

October 26, 2022
These days, accounting jobs are riddled with stereotypes of being nerdy, boring, and no-fun. However, that could not be further from the truth! Not only could you have a successful,...

Working Her Way Up: Tia’s Story with ANU

October 21, 2022
Tia Macklin-Vemba did her fair share of job hopping and college browsing, trying to find the right fit for her life and needs. She cycled through retail jobs, working as...

Class Attendance

October 14, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Class Attendance Going to college and earning your diploma is a big commitment—not only because of money, but because of the time you must give to each...

The Importance of Sleep

September 30, 2022
Let’s Talk About… The Importance of Sleep When working, going to school, taking care of family, and trying to fit all the tasks that need to be done can mean...

Mental Health Awareness

September 16, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Mental Health Awareness With the world today, students have been through so much while they strive for their education. American National University’s students have a lot on...


September 2, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Procrastination Do you often find yourself putting off assignments or projects in favor of more enjoyable tasks like watching television, scrolling through social media, or playing games?...
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