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Top 10 Soft Skills Required for Working in the Healthcare Field

By: admin
August 27, 2019
At American National University, we prepare you for working in the healthcare field in a variety of ways. Most often you think of drawing blood, filling a prescription, or taking...

Looking Outside the Accounting Box

By: admin
August 23, 2019
In many professions, industry-standard certifications serve an important role in validating whether an education actually meets the real-world demands of a specific occupation.  At ANU, many of our programs are designed specifically...

Are Online Classes (or eLearning) Right for You?

By: admin
September 27, 2016
If you believe that furthering your education could help you further your career but thought you didn’t have enough time, think again! American National University offers eLearning programs in business, healthcare, and...

Use these 5 Study Tips to Reach Success

By: admin
August 15, 2016
Whether you take courses in person or online, you’ll need to dedicate adequate time outside of your program to complete assignments and prepare for exams. What tips and tricks do...

How to Bridge the Digital Divide in the Workforce

By: admin
July 15, 2016
How to Bridge the Digital Divide in the Workforce If you thought that computer proficiency was only necessary for people who work in information technology or high up in corporate...

How Could Project Management Certification Change Your Life?

By: admin
July 6, 2016
How Could Project Management Certification Change Your Life? If you want to take on bigger and more challenging projects at work, advance in your career, increase your earning potential, and...

Here’s What You Need to Do To Start Networking for Your New Career

By: admin
May 10, 2016
If you want to build a new career, it’s never too early to start building your network. Even if you are still in school, learning the skills of your new...

How to Get Credit for School and Life Experience

By: admin
April 18, 2016
Did you know that almost three quarters of students today are considered “non-traditional”?1 If you’re a nontraditional student, you may not have gone directly from high school to college, or you...

The American National University Pathway to Success Infographic

By: admin
April 6, 2016
Juggling work, family, and education can be a challenge.  At American National University, we understand that—after all, we’ve been providing career-oriented education to men and women for 130 years.  Our...
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