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Career Services at American National University

At American National University (ANU), the success of our students is always priority number one.

The ANU Career Services team is available to coach you through the career preparation process, answering career-related questions, providing personalized feedback, connecting you to ideal resources and opportunities, and helping you stay focused on your ultimate career goal. No matter where you are in your career, you will have access to the full range of services that ANU Career Services provides.

ANU Career Services is ready to assist you with career planning, career preparation, and career connections.

Services available include:

  • Customized career advice, as well as access to career videos on making your resume pop, networking, interview research, professional dress, behavioral interviews, and social media tips
  • Resume writing assistance, including a resume creator, great samples, and a personalized review and feedback from a career placement specialist
  • Interviewing preparation tools with valuable tips and access to premier video interviewing technology to practice and review your interview skills
  • Live mock interviews with a career placement specialist
  • Searchable employment postings from employers recruiting ANU graduates, as well as employment opportunities linked from reputable job search engines
  • Instant online chats with career specialists to get answers to career-related questions

Connect with ANU Career Services early to gain the knowledge and skills needed to meet the ever-changing demands of the workforce. Get started today by sending your resume to CareerServices@an.edu or call us at 833-388-1100 ext 4001.

Valuable Tools and Resources for Career Planning


Create a Resume

Join LinkedIn

ANU Career Services wants students to make informed decisions about career sectors, occupations, and placement opportunities. We suggest you join the world’s largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members.

To join LinkedIn and create your profile:

  1. Navigate to the LinkedIn sign-up page.
  2. Type your first and last name, email address, and password you’ll use.
    1. Note: You must use your actual name when creating a profile. Company names and pseudonyms are not allowed.
  3. Click ‘Join now’.
  4. Complete any additional steps as prompted.
  5. Set up Job Posting Alerts

View LinkedIn’s Career Search Tools:



Meet Your Career Services Team


Wendolyn H. Larkins

Email: whlarkins@an.edu
Phone: 833-388-1100 ext 4001

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