Career Center Proves to Be Missing Piece of Veteran’s Job Search Puzzle


Saudia Hairston loves math, chemistry, and taking care of others, so a career as a certified pharmacy technician is a natural fit for her.  Saudia earned her associate’s degree at the $$Dayton Area Campus in September of 2013 and she now works for Remedi SeniorCare Pharmacy, a company that provides pharmacy services to long-term care facilities.

“I’ve had the greatest experience because I got the dream job that I wanted for two years,” said Saudia, a U.S. Army veteran who lost her job as a compliance auditor when the manufacturing company that she worked for closed. “I like the pharmacy because it’s about medications and people’s well-being.”

During her program at American National University, Saudia gained hands-on experience working at the VA Medical Center as a federal work-study student and an extern.  While that experience, combined with her high grade point average contributed to her career success, she feels that the career center director’s connection with local employers was the final piece of the job search puzzle that helped bring her new career to fruition.

“She was on it” said Saudia.  “She knew I was graduating and she said, ‘Ok, I’ve got a couple of positions and we’ll see what we can do.’  I had an immediate interview and I got hired.  I finished the program in September and got a job within thirty days.  That’s how great this school is.  Who gets a job in thirty days?  I went to a different school and never got these results, ever!”

Saudia has been so pleased with her experience at the $$Dayton Area Campus that she has re-enrolled in the business administration-accounting program with the hope of someday combining her love of both fields in one career.

She frequently recommends National to others and Saudia feels that her education has been exactly what she needs as an adult learner.  “This is a small school and we’re all family,” said Saudia.  “The staff know me by name.  I’m in a great part of my life and I’m so grateful.  If it hadn’t been for the people in this school, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

Certified pharmacy technician Saudia Hairston was hired by Remedi Senior Care within thirty days of her completing her associate's degree program at the $$Dayton Area Campus.

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