Career as Certified Pharmacy Technician Just What the Doctor Ordered


As a certified pharmacy technician working in the doctor call division of Humana, Tracey Mosby works closely with the organization’s pharmacists to assist physicians with questions and concerns that they have about their patients’ prescriptions.  
Accuracy and attention to detail are a must for Tracey as she works with the pharmacists to dispense the myriad medications, including specialty and generic drugs, which she learned about in her pharmacy technician program at the $$Cincinnati Campus. “The instructors that I had really grilled me,” she recalled of her program at American National University. “Working with Humana now, the pharmacists are very strict and will check you. They make sure you stay on your toes.”
Before starting her job at Humana, Tracey worked in a retail pharmacy setting during an externship at Walgreen’s. She also gained valuable experience working on contract at Omnicare, a company which provides pharmacy services to long-term care facilities. “It’s a pharmaceutical manufacturing company and that’s a big deal,” she explained. “A lot of people don’t realize that experience puts you in a broader horizon due to the fact that you’re working with so many medications and so many prescriptions at one time. There might be a thousand orders going out across the city, and it is dependent on you to get it out on time.”
[img]With certification as a pharmacy technician and job experience in a variety of pharmacy settings in hand, Tracey feels that her future in the pharmacy field looks bright. “[My program at National] gave me a good foundation to get my hands wet in a career. Working in the field now, I see that that’s something that I actually want to do,” said Tracey.
“I just thank God for the opportunities that he’s provided for me and the people that I met along the way because it’s all helped me get to where I am,” Tracey stated. “Every day I wake up and say, ‘I’m a pharmacy technician,’ and at the end of the day nobody can take that from me where ever I go.”
A- $$Cincinnati Campus graduate Tracey Mosby is working as a certified pharmacy technician in the doctor call division of Humana.
B- Tracey is shown with her pharmacy technician certificate, which she earned after completing her program at American National University. The knowledge gained in her classes prepared her to pass the national certification exam required to earn this distinction.
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