Campus Celebrates Constitution Day


Virginia State Senator John Edwards and Virginia House of Delegates member Sam Rasoul graciously agreed to spend a few minutes at the $$Roanoke Valley Campus in commemoration of Constitution Day.  Speaking to a room packed with ANU faculty, staff, and students, Delegate Rasoul and Senator Edwards eloquently presented their views on the value and impact of the U.S. Constitution, both as the foundational document of the government of the United States and as a document which has influenced people and nations the world over.  ANU President Frank Longaker, a long-time friend of Senator Edwards, also attended the event; a local group of high school and middle schools students rounded out the attendees.

The $$Roanoke Valley Campus is proud to host The Renaissance Academy twice a month, and on this night the men and boys of The Renaissance Academy were able to meet and be photographed with Senator Edwards and Delegate Rasoul.  As described on their website, “The Renaissance Academy is a program designed to engage middle and high school African American males in a series of college trips, community service, job shadowing, workshops and events promoting academic, social and financial skills.  The Academy provides men within the local community an opportunity to contribute to the success of future generations of black male students while connecting with Rebounding Roanoke in new, positive and creative ways.”  ANU’s cooperation with this group is especially fitting inasmuch as the campus offers a local setting wherein the young men may one day earn their much-desired college degrees.

Ron Bradbury, campus director said, “I am especially grateful to Senator Edwards and Delegate Rasoul for the time they took to visit campus and engage our students, many of whom are also their constituents.  Although Constitution Day is not widely celebrated, this event was a fitting tribute to the Founding Fathers and the magnificent document which they framed.”

Delegate Sam Rasoul, student and veteran David Peterson, and Virginia State Senator John Edwards.

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