Business Student Earns Promotion before Graduating


American National University aims to provide students with a chance to enrich their lives. Upcoming business administration-management graduate Priscilla Cawthorne was able to do just that when she enrolled at the $$Columbus Campus, and she is already seeing the benefits that higher education can provide.—
Before enrolling at National, Priscilla was working as an agency clerk at the Westerville License Agency, helping community residents with their driver’s license and license plate renewal needs. She wanted to continue her education in order to improve her opportunities for advancement in the organization and realized she needed to pursue higher education to get there. Priscilla was also motivated to further her career for the sake of herself and her young daughter, for whom she wants to set a good example. 
[img]The small class sizes and flexible schedules at American National University fit what Priscilla was looking for as a working mother, and she appreciates that it is always easy to find help when needed. “I have found the faculty and staff to be very dedicated to what they do,” she said. “It is clear to me that they want students to succeed.” 
Since enrolling at American National University, Priscilla has been promoted to a management position at the agency, where her duties have expanded to include overseeing staff members, scheduling, and managing customer service performance, among other responsibilities. She has been able to directly apply the management concepts she has learned in class to her new managerial role, such as utilizing information from her law classes to help her boss sort out legal issues, as well as understanding how to create a positive work environment by being positive with employees and reinforcing them. 
“I find the things I have learned at American National University to be very valuable,” Priscilla stated. “American National University has gone the distance with me.”
A- Student Priscilla Cawthorne enrolled in the business administration-management program to advance in her career and was promoted to manager before graduating.
B- Priscilla found the small class sizes and flexible schedules at American National University to be a perfect fit for her life as a working mother.
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